WildStar explores multi-server play

By Tam Mageean
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The developers at Carbine have hinted that Wildstar's servers will feature cross-realm play. Wildstar's weekly developer blog discussed some pitfalls that other MMORPG's have, and how they hoped to escape them.

"...one of the most frustrating experiences is getting ready to play with your friends at launch only to discover they've rolled a character on a different server."

Sound familiar? Well done for addressing that without mentioning Final Fantasy, guys. Final Fantasy 14's launch issues created this exact problem last month, and Square Enix are only just beginning to resolve it. Carbine are doing what they can to prevent the same happening to WildStar.

For starters, regardless of what Realm you're in (or "server" for the less fantasy-minded of players) you will be able to talk to your friends in other servers, by simply referencing the server at the end of your comment. This will also work for party invites, giving you a common forum to chat on, even when you're not together.

WildStar Characters

Want to meet up with your other-worldly friends? No problem! You'll be able to team up with your friends from other parties for instanced events too; dungeons, arenas etc, although all-out realm-jumping will not be possible. The other big limitation is that you can't trade across realms, but this is pretty acceptable, as it will prevent realms from monopolizing on each other.

In addition to all the jumping between realms, the WildStar developers shed some light on the matchmaking process. Players will have access to a group finder, for meeting up with strangers when your friends are offline, and each player will even have their own "filter" so you can choose whether or not you want to share your adventures with cross-realm travelers.

All in all, it's coming across as very well thought out, and will hopefully lead to a smooth launch. Something we don't see in a multi-server MMO all to often!

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