WildStar enters Closed Beta 3 promising intense faction PvP

By Michael Jamias
wildstar closed beta 3 faction pvp

WildStar finally pits factions against each other in no-holds-barred world PvP.

The WildStar Closed Beta 3 will see some big fights in and around Whitevale and the newly released Farside, according to developer NCsoft, now that the faction fighting has been released to the wider world.  PvP will no longer be restricted to battlegrounds, arenas and warplots.

Closed Beta 3 also raises the beta level cap to 36, but this comes with a character wipe on both factions who will now be able to level and fight with each other at the same beta test. (Closed Beta 3 is the first time both factions will be available to play at the same time.)

But developers are expecting the milestone dual-faction testing to bring up a lot of bugs and issues.

"Expect many testers to discover effective griefing methods during this beta phase. Please ensure that you get the data you need, report the issue, and then move on," said WildStar developer Loic "Atreid" Cleaveau in his Closed Beta 3 announcement.

The new beta phase will also see the release of the new battleground, Halls of the Bloodsworn. The fantasy free online rpg is also going to let loose Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas for beta testing scrutiny.



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