Wildstar reveals Chua and Mordesh races

By Michael Jamias
wildstar chua mordesh races video

A new WildStar video teases the last two races set to launch in the mmorpg -- the Chua and Mordesh -- both as brilliant as they are bonkers.

Based on the "Dirty Little Secrets" video above, we see that the Chua and Mordesh seem to be the technologically proficient races for their respective rpg factions, but seem to have lost a few mental screws in the process.

For example, the Chua race possesses "maniacal brilliance" and "ruthless ingenuity," taking on the role of mischievous rodent-like investors who develop advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion faction.

Their creations are driven by a thirst to hurt people with their bombs, zap guns and other explosive contraptions. This fact alone should make players who want to cuddle with the cute Chua keep a safe distance.

Meanwhile, the Mordesh race seem to be the WildStar take on the undead. "Cursed with a degenerative disease the Mordesh have come to Nexus to find a cure," said the developers on the space zombie-like race.

The Mordesh though have a penchant for performing twisted experiments. They have no qualms bending the laws of nature with their alchemical projects, venturing into dark and forbidden scientific frontiers in search for a cure and ways to make their opponents squirm in pain.


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