WildStar News

WildStar 1.7.1 update goes live
WildStar shows no signs of slowing down at all. The sci-fi mmorpg has been releasing a steady stream of content and features over the last year. Now players have some more items to sink their teeth into as the WildStar 1.7.1 update is now live, bringing in leaderboards for PvE content as well as prehistoric-themed fortunes.The features of the WildStar 1.7.1 update include: New Prime Instances: Skullcano, Rage Logic, and Outpost M-13The Prime...
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May 03 2017
WildStar Free 50 Frenzy event
Players who are looking to enjoy the high level content in WildStar will now have an instantaneous means of doing so. Carbine has announced that the release of the Power of the Primal Matrix update to the sci-fi online rpg will kick off the WildStar Free 50 Frenzy event. Players who log into the game after the update launches on March 8th will be able to gain a free WildStar level 50 character of their very own!The WildStar Free 50 Frenzy eve...
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Mar 06 2017
WildStar reveals Power of the Primal Matrix features
A big heaping helping of fresh new content is coming soon to WildStar with a new update, and mmorpg players have a lot to look forward to. Carbine Studios released today some of the key features of the WildStar Power of the Primal Matrix update that is hitting the test server next week. There's a new dungeon full of dangerous foes, but the main part of the update is the new alternative advancement system for level 50 players. The features reveal...
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Jan 04 2017
Top five mmo movies we want made
Going to the movies has always been a welcome escape from reality that lasts for a short time. Sitting in a darkened theater and munching on popcorn, one can be taken to a galaxy far, far away or go on an adventure in the steaming jungle whilst swinging on vines. The best movies create a compelling world that the moviegoer can immerse themselves into, which is done through the use of compelling stories and interesting characters. These same trait...
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Aug 16 2016
WildStar revenue rebounds in 2016 Q2
The latest NCSoft quarterly financial report has been released. While a lot of gamers express surprise that mmo games need to make a profit in order to keep running, investors always look at the hard truth of a game's numbers to determine if it continues to live or die. The latest NCSoft quarterly financial report covers the second quarter of 2016 and is a mixed bag, but the good news is that the company is doing good overall. The surprising news...
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Aug 15 2016
WildStar free-to-play impressions
WildStar garnered a lot of positive attention during its development. Players were intrigued with an online rpg that mixed sci-fi, western action, and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor. Even more intriguing was that the game was going to be subscription-based, which was a bold choice in this era of f2p games. The trailers extolling the game's features were amazing, full of wacky humor and colorful characters. Then the game launched, and it ...
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Aug 14 2016
wildstar prestige
Ah, events. Back in the good old days, when mmo communities were real, living, breathing, actual communities you didn't have to go far to find alternative forms of entertainment on a server. Often, this stuff was community generated, such as iron man runs, hide and seek challenges and general parties, but these things are sadly a thing of the past now, as mmo games shift more and more towards that all important "end-game" and, on the other end of...
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Jul 05 2016
Is the WildStar max-level character boost a good idea?
It's a human trait to divide people into one of two categories. The most basic of these are whether one is a dog person or a cat person. This view of two distinct groups can also be applied to those who play mmorpg games as well. There is PvE versus PvP and hardcore versus casual. Two distinct camps that I've always found interesting are those who prefer the journey as opposed to those whose only concern is the endgame. You can definitely tell wh...
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Jul 03 2016
wildstar boost
Here on mmo-play, we recently explored Wildstar and tried to work out what could be changed to make the game more popular. To the credit of the mmo, NCSoft have performed a complete 180 since Wildstar's original, jumpy launch, but the fanbase never quite grew to the size that everyone initially hoped. With regular new content and events, refined servers and improved gameplay, the devs really have gone the distance to make this the best mmorpg i...
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Jun 30 2016
Is WildStar shutting down a certainty?
The announcement of a new mmorpg being developed is greeted with feelings of promise and the hope that the game may bring something new to the online gaming table and prove itself a massive success. The developers want the game to succeed as it offers them an income, investors want the game to do well to make a solid return on their investment, and players want the new mmo to scratch that itch for innovative gameplay that is fun and immersive. A ...
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May 22 2016