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  • Wildstar: classes

    Wildstar: classes
    Players can choose from 2 factions, 4 races and 6 classes in Wildstar....
    Wildstar: classes

    Wildstar: levels

    Wildstar: levels
    Characters earn new skills, stats, and eventually can customize their character with skill points every level....
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    Wildstar: combat

    Wildstar: combat
    Combat resembles many tab target and quick bind skill MMORPGs. Players do have the ability to dodge to give the game a bit more of...
    Wildstar: combat

    Wildstar: quest

    Wildstar: quest
    Click on your quest log to get an arrow pointing towards the next objective....
    Wildstar: quest

Wildstar Gameplay First Look - HD

Wildstar Gameplay First Look - HD

WildStar is a sci fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCsoft. The world where WildStar adventures take place is a planet called Nexus. This planet was home to a superior alien race named Eldan. Nexus was considered lost and extinct but recent space expeditions revealed that the planet still exists. There are several factions and races that fight for Nexus dominance. The Exiles are those who discovered Nexus. The Dominion is a powerful organization fighting to drive away the Exiles from Nexus. The planet is now center of many conflicts between alien and humanoid races.

The reason for all these WildStar Nexus wars is to gain control over Eldan technologies. This alien race is now gone. Many believe that understanding Eldan technology is the key in uncovering the mystery behind their disappearance. WildStar players will adventure into a hostile world. Deserts and swamps hide Eldan robots and other remains of their technology. All sorts of alien creatures roam the surface of the planet. Exploring is not an easy task. Those who adventure into the wild must be prepared to face many dangers. There are 4 WildStar RPG paths (play styles) to choose from: Soldier, Scientist, Explorer and Settler. This path system is not to be mistaken with the class system. WildStar features individual factions, races and classes. Using the path system, WildStar players are able to define their own gameplay. Quests and missions depend on chosen path. For example, the Soldier path is for those who like combat. Soldier tasks will include mob killing and other offensive actions. Settler quests are based on social interaction. Scientists have to uncover Eldan secrets. Explorer path is for those who prefer travels and discoveries. The quests are based on exploration rather than taking down mobs. However, Nexus is a dangerous world and all players should expect to walk into situations that can only be solved by force.

Four WildStar classes have been revealed so far: Warrior, Spellslinger, Stalker and Esper. Warriors are a melee WildStar class. They use swords as weapons and adrenaline as resource for their abilities. Spellslingers are a ranged class. They dual wield pistols and have magical abilities. Espers are spell casters and rely on combo points for devastating attacks. Momentum mechanics is a WildStar feature that gives gameplay versatility. Depending on the chosen class and path, players can receive different rewards from completing quests and killing mobs. XP bonuses are earned when performing quick kills, double kills and so on. Updates and recent announcements on WildStar online RPG can be found on the official website and forums.

By Rachel Rosen


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