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Wild West Online is an open world action MMO developed and published by 612 Games. The features list includes free character development, exploration, PvE activities, PvP mode, gathering and crafting. The game is R-rated. Wild West Online caters to a mature playerbase. The world takes shape and changes depending on players actions. Not all users will receive equal treatment from NPCs or fellow gamers. Players are free to PvP but they are not free to abuse the PvP system. Killing others in towns or settlements will mark the killer as an outlaw. If the kill count goes too high, outlaws will be pursued by lawmen and bounty hunters. Wild West Online outlaws will have to find other locations such as hideouts to make use of services when they cannot enter respectable settlements anymore.

Players will not be asked to choose a starting class when they begin their Wild West Online adventure. The game has RPG features but players are free to shape their characters as they discover the game world and interact with its NPCs. They can live by the rules and help the less fortunate or choose to act in their own interest even if this means breaking the law. Depending on their decisions, actions and consequences, players will become heroes, villains or anything in between. Wild West Online allows players to experience the game as miners or gold prospectors but this doesn't mean that they will be free from peril. Players have to be ready to defend their treasures as there are plenty of those who are just looking to make a living from robbery. Some may be willing to help as long as there is a reward involved. Social interaction goes a long way in Wild West Online and those who decide to play as a lone wolf will surely miss some of the best aspects of the game. It's possible to form all sorts of teams with other players. Some will choose to join a band of outlaws but there are also law keepers whose job is to protects others from bandits and thieves. The game allows players to become deputies and bounty hunters. Players can also team up for PvE missions.

Wild West Online has player housing and crafting systems that give players the chance to build a farm, plant crops, craft items and make a living as farmers and merchants. Houses can also be bought and transformed into safe areas where players hide their valuables and enjoy some rest and relaxation. Wild West Online is one of the MMO games that encourage players to explore. The game world features a variety of landscapes and a night/day cycle. Unknown nature are unexplored places that hide many secrets and dangers. Wild West Online is available as a buy to play game.

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