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  • Warspear Online: factions

    Warspear Online: factions
    There are 4 factions in Warspear Online. Each faction has 1 of 3 different classes....
    Warspear Online: factions

    Warspear Online: move

    Warspear Online: move
    Warspear Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG available on PC, IOS, and Android. Click to move helps players maneuver in any of...
    Warspear Online: move

    Warspear Online: combat

    Warspear Online: combat
    Skills are assigned to your hotbar. Like many MMORPGs, simply hit the skill and select your target to use any of these skills....
    Warspear Online: combat

    Warspear Online: menu

    Warspear Online: menu
    This is the menu available in the IOS version of Warspear Online. From here players can open chat, the in game store, look at the ...
    Warspear Online: menu

Warspear Online Gameplay First look IOS version - HD

Warspear Online Gameplay First look IOS version - HD

Take adventure with you anywhere with Warspear Online, the free mmorpg developed by AIGrind. This fantasy-themed game is playable across multiple platforms such as iPhones, Android, and Windows. Players quest through the lands of Arinar seeking glory and respect while making friends from around the world.

As players begin their adventure, they choose from four different factions in Warspear Online: the Firstborn, the Chosen, the Mountain Clans, and the Forsaken. Each faction has three distinct classes associated with it, and each class their own unique active and passive skills. The Firstborn are the elves and they seek to protect life. While they distrust humans, their main enemy is the undead. The Firstborn classes are Blade Dancer, Ranger, and Druid. The Chosen are anointed followers of the god Harad and they have an incredible thirst for knowledge. They are allied with the Firstborn and fight against both the Mountain Clans and the Forsaken. The Chosen's three classes are paladin, priest, and mage. The Mountain Clans trace their bloodlines back to different beast forefathers. Warfare is the highest calling for them and they continually raid the elves and humans. They respect and are allied with the Forsaken. The Mountain Clan's classes are barbarian, rogue, and shaman. The Forsaken are those who have pledged their allegiance to dark, unholy powers. They dabble with the profane and raise the dead to do their bidding. Once human, the Forsaken have changed into horrifying creatures. The three classes of the Forsaken are necromancer, warlock, and death knight.

Warspear Online features a colorful world in which players can travel extensively. The online world of Arinar features twenty game zones and thirty dungeons. This mmorpg features over a thousand quests that players can undertake, with additional quests being added on a monthly basis. Facing the players are the fierce denizens of the land, with thousands of creatures to be conquered. Players can join together to complete team quests and to battle powerful boss monsters.

Combat takes place in real-time, so players will need to keep on their toes. If you get tired of fighting the normal monsters, you can engage in intense PvP combat. Warspear Online has all the features associated with mmorpg games: chat, friends, and trade. Players can fine tune their character's appearance through the use of various weapons and armor. All you need to embark on grand adventure is your smart phone and an internet connection.

By Jeff Francis


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