Warhammer Online could live on as an exhibit

By Tam Mageean
warhammer online museum

As we all know, Warhammer Online had its plug pulled earlier this week, due to the licensing agreement with Games Workshop being discontinued. However, the tabletop-inspired mmo, in true warrior fashion, has decided it will not go quietly into the night.

Although Warhammer Online is dead and gone, and not coming back, one of its original developers reckons that "gone", doesn't necessarily mean "forgotten", and has suggested a means of keeping the spirit of the mmorpg alive.

Andrew Meggs, Lead Client Engineer for creators, Bioware, has revealed that a developer-only build exists that could act as an interactive Warhammer Online museum; allowing players to explore the landscape and marvel at the remnants of the Warhammer that once was.

The developer-only build is essentially a debug mode; featuring no NPCs, no server, no quests and no possibility of a multiplayer experience. Although releasing this "game" is completely possible, it circles back around to the issue of proper licensing from Games Workshop, in order for them to legitimately share the build with their fans.

Just acknowledging its existence, and the possibility of it becoming available, is enough to pique the interest of hardcore fans and committed developers alike, so keep your eyes open for this one; there's a resonating feeling that the story doesn't end here.


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