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warhammer online museum
As we all know, Warhammer Online had its plug pulled earlier this week, due to the licensing agreement with Games Workshop being discontinued. However, the tabletop-inspired mmo, in true warrior fashion, has decided it will not go quietly into the night. Although Warhammer Online is dead and gone, and not coming back, one of its original developers reckons that "gone", doesn't necessarily mean "forgotten", and has suggested a means of keeping th...
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Dec 26 2013
Why Warhammer Online failed
Some mmo games quietly come onto the market while others explode onto the scene, full of promise and potential. Warhammer Online was of the latter variety, with a great deal of hype pushing gamers into frenzied dreams of non-stop virtual carnage set within the Warhammer universe. The game had a successful launch, selling 1.2 million copies and having 800,000 registered users within the first month. Roughly four months later, the number of subscri...
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Oct 06 2013
warhammer online to shut down
A sad notice has been posted on the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning official site. It appears that the license agreement between Mythic and Games Workshop will not be getting renewed for the long-running MMORPG The Warhammer team have made the following statement: "We here at Mythic have built an amazing relationship working with Games Workshop creating and running Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning over the last 8 years. Unfortunately, as wi...
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Sep 18 2013