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  • Warhammer Online: choose your side

    Warhammer Online: choose your side
    Choose your side, Order or destruction. From there, you can pick your class. I'll play a sorceress....
    Warhammer Online: choose your side

    Warhammer Online: quests

    Warhammer Online: quests
    Quest icons are a bit different in Warhammer Online. Green books means an NPC has a quest for your, while yellow means you can tur...
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    Warhammer Online: gameplay

    Warhammer Online: gameplay
    Warhammer uses the 'standard' gameplay style for MMOs. Lock on to targets by clicking on them or hitting tab. And then use your ab...
    Warhammer Online: gameplay

    Warhammer Online: public quests

    Warhammer Online: public quests
    Public quests are quests that are available to everyone in an area. Many progress through stages. You complete an objective which ...
    Warhammer Online: public quests

Warhammer Online Gameplay

Warhammer Online Gameplay

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, or simply Warhammer Online, is a dark fantasy MMORPG released in 2008 from Mythic Entertainment. The world of Warhammer Online throws you into the vicious war between the armies of Order (an alliance of Dwarfs, High Elves and Empire humans) and the armies of Destruction (an alliance of Greenskins, Dark Elves and Chaos humans). It is a subscription game, but comes with a free trial up until the Tier 1 level of content.

Unlike other online games, choosing one army faction locks you out of creating a character from the rival army in that server. This is to prevent PvP spying. Such precautions are necessary because PvP is a core focus in Warhammer Online. It takes the form of Realm vs. Realm, or RvR. As you can guess from its name, the idea is to pit one-half of the server against the other in a variety of competing activities. RvR participants can help their realm army by killing foes from the opposing realm, completing quests, and capturing strategic map objectives in the contested areas. Each realm gains victory points based on how well they perform in each activity, which will help dictate victory or defeat in the overall campaign. The sweetest victory in Warhammer Online involves burning the enemy capital and looting their city for the ultimate spoils. But the enemy realm won’t sit idly while you ransack their capital, and will often strike back with renewed ferocity. The adrenaline rush and immense teamwork behind RvR is one of the highlights of playing Warhammer Online, and has since inspired similar features in other MMORPG games.

Aside from massive-scaled persistent PvP, there are traditional PvE elements in Warhammer Online. These include public quests, which are cooperative PvE encounters. Players can be adventuring in one area and dive into a public quest – it is open to everyone – which will culminate in a boss fight. Those who contribute most to the public quest during its multiple stages will receive commensurate rewards. Another more recent and welcome addition is the Tome of Knowledge, which is a feature for lore fans. The Tome of Knowledge stores an ever-increasing database of the titles, achievements and monsters you've encountered in the game. It adds depth to the story and achievement tracking in Warhammer Online that makes exploring the world outside of RvR worthwhile. Of course, this is assuming fans of Warhammer Online can tear themselves away from the engrossing PvP play.

By Rachel Rosen


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