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  • Waren Story: Character

    Waren Story: Character
    A first look at a new level 4 character in waren Story. You can open the character menu to manage equipment and charachter informa...
    Waren Story: Character

    Waren Story: Combat

    Waren Story: Combat
    You can accept quests. Some of the quests are about combating horders and monsters....
    Waren Story: Combat

    Waren Story: Environment

    Waren Story: Environment
    You can click on the map in the upper right corner to go where you want. You can also use the path finder to know where to go next...
    Waren Story: Environment

    Waren Story: Skills

    Waren Story: Skills
    You can easily manage your skill points using this menu. It shows options for weapons and sustenance....
    Waren Story: Skills

Waren Story Gameplay

Waren Story Gameplay

Waren Story is a fantasy free MMORPG developed by ALT1 Games and published by GPlayon. The game is named after the fictional world where adventures take place. Waren is a peaceful land but this period won’t last forever. It all started when the war between the Light god Dragon and the Dark god Shadow erupted. Dragon defeated Shadow but dark armies still roam Waren. Vikan, an orc leader, managed to defeat some of the Light armies. Now both sides are in preparation for the next conflict that could decide Waren’s fate.

There are 4 Waren Story playable classes: Warrior, Brawler, Archer and Gunner. Warriors are melee fighters that prefer 2 handed swords. They maintain a good balance between offense and defense. Brawlers mostly rely on their strong constitution and fists. Equipped with gauntlets, they are fast and deadly opponents. Archers are a Waren Story ranged class. Bows are their favorite weapons and they can kill their enemies from distance. Gunners are some sort of engineer class. They use rifles and can act as support for team members. All Waren Story class types have 6 stats: physical damage, physical defense, spirit damage, spirit defense, hit and dodge. Warriors prefer the 2 physical stats. Brawlers and Archers are balanced classes. Gunners are all about spirit abilities. Besides the 6 stats, each class also has HP and MP. Waren Story is an online RPG so questing is an important aspect. Questing usually involves lots of traveling. To ease access from one questing point to another, Waren Story has a system called auto navigation. Using this system, players can automatically move on the map. Auto hunt is another convenient Waren Story feature. Players can predefine an attack/loot macro so they kill and loot mobs automatically. The class master NPC acts as trainer and he can reset character skills. This is useful in case you decide to respec or try another built.

Charging Points (CP) is a Waren Story feature that players use to boost attack damage. Each time you kill a mob, you get CP. These CP can be consumed on powerful abilities. Mercenaries are NPCs that can be hired by players. Mercenaries get XP and level up just like characters. Waren Story free online RPG has a mount system. Players can purchase and use horses. Monsters drop different types of loot when they die. Fairies drop from mobs and they are used to boost character stats. There are different types of Waren Story fairies. Each one improves a distinct stat. Guilds are permanent alliances of Waren Story players with the same interests.

By Rachel Rosen

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