War of the Vikings expands character customization options

By Michael Jamias
war of the vikings character customization options

In its last big push to improve War of the Vikings before release, Paradox Interactive has activated update 1.9.0 which deepens the game's character customization options.

Now you'll be able to create your own Viking or Saxon warrior; wear item accessories such as helmets and cloaks; and imbue your characters with physical and voice attributes such as beards and taunts, respectively.

War of the Vikings update 1.9.0 is the last major content update for the close-combat MMORPG and further updates leading up to the official launch will be primarily focused on polishing existing features, the publisher added.

You'll want to allot a fair bit of time for download though because this patch, with its huge content additions and changes, comes to around 13GB in size. So plan your online rpg downloads accordingly.

In celebration of the new customization options, Paradox Interactive has launched the Bestest & Beastliest Beard competition on Facebook and Steam Community Hub. Fans have until February 20 to send in pictures of their most impressive facial scruff. Winners through popular vote will get the awesome honor of getting their manly beard and mustache made in game plus score a Valhalla edition of the game.


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