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war of the vikings berserker class
Forget about defense and go all out bonkers on offense -- that's the war cry of the new Berserker class in War of the Vikings. Unchained in the latest update, the War of the Vikings Berserker is the most aggressive class yet to appear in the close quarters combat MMORPG. The Berserker does away with any armor, ranged weapons or weapon pick-ups, making the class a strictly close-range attacker. But what he lacks in durability and range he ma...
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Jun 18 2014
war of the vikings character customization options
In its last big push to improve War of the Vikings before release, Paradox Interactive has activated update 1.9.0 which deepens the game's character customization options. Now you'll be able to create your own Viking or Saxon warrior; wear item accessories such as helmets and cloaks; and imbue your characters with physical and voice attributes such as beards and taunts, respectively. War of the Vikings update 1.9.0 is the last major content upd...
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Jan 30 2014