War of the Immortals

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  • War of the Immortals: skills

    War of the Immortals: skills
    You learn skill every 15 levels starting from level 10. You can also learn different skill from your legion....
    War of the Immortals: skills

    War of the Immortals: mount

    War of the Immortals: mount
    Enhancing the look of your mounts can be done by gathering mount gems and then fortifying your mount....
    War of the Immortals: mount

    War of the Immortals: daily events

    War of the Immortals: daily events
    One of the many daily events you can choose from requires you to escort supplies carriage....
    War of the Immortals: daily events

    War of the Immortals: world map

    War of the Immortals: world map
    World map showing distribution of zones by legions....
    War of the Immortals: world map

War of the Immortals - First Look

War of the Immortals - First Look

War of the Immortals takes place on Motenia, a world torn apart by the epic struggle between the two rival gods, Odin and Loki. War of the Immortals is a free MMORPG game available on the Perfect World gaming portal and offers players a large variety of exciting features fresh to the MMO genre.

One of the most exciting aspects to War of the Immortals is the extensive class system, offering 8 unique classes, some of which are gender restricted. The available classes are Berzerker, Champion, Duelist, Enchantress, Heretic, Magus, Ranger and Slayer. There's every possible MMORPG archetype that you can think of, from the standard DPS and tanking options, to more advanced archetypes such as crowd-control and summoning. Each class progresses through questing, killing monsters, and other experience earning activities. Every class has a huge array of abilities in their arsenal, creating a truly unique character and class progression system.

War of the Immortals has a highly active GM presence within the game, offering a unique community. There are dozens of events held every month, from item hunts to intense PvP duels. Players can check the current and future events using the Major Events System, an in-game menu that shows dates, times and rewards of every event planned.

Other unique features in War of the Immortals include a highly in-depth pet and crafting system. Players unlock crafting once they reach level 50 and can choose 1 of 3 crafting progression trees to focus on. Each progression tree offers a gathering and crafting skill, allowing players to craft anything from weapons and armor to potions and other consumables. The pet system is available far earlier in the game and not offers players a combat companion, but also trusted mounts that can help you travel across the world of Motenia. There's dozens of pets available, all of which progress alongside your character unlocking abilities and skills as they go. Pets can also be fused together to create a more powerful version, increasing base stats and ability effects.

The in-depth story, highly appealing class system and extensive PvP options makes War of the Immortals an appealing title for any MMO RPG games fan.

By Rachel Rosen

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