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  • War of Angels: Character Selection

    War of Angels: Character Selection
    Choose from one of four character classes, both male and female can be selected....
    War of Angels: Character Selection

    War of Angels: Character Customization

    War of Angels: Character Customization
    Limited options however has a unique option of changing weapon type....
    War of Angels: Character Customization

    War of Angels: Community

    War of Angels: Community
    An active community; pvp appears to be common....
    War of Angels: Community

    War of Angels: Combat

    War of Angels: Combat
    Basic combat, difficult to find enemies that are low levels....
    War of Angels: Combat

War of Angels Gameplay

War of Angels Gameplay

War of Angels is a fantasy mmorpg, developed and published by Neowiz Games. The plot revolves around a classical light vs. dark, good vs. evil conflict. A fallen god must be stopped from taking over the kingdom of heavens. War of Angels has some distinctive features. Guilds can build their own cities and take part in economic activities. Traditionally, rpg gamers play the part of saviors. War of Angels players can choose to fight for the dark side. If you’re not sure what side to pick, there is a funny little quiz on the official website that might help. All quests and actions will influence a player’s alignment and end game PvP. Some powerful weapons and armor can be obtained only from crafting. Enchants can be applied to items. War of Angels store has a good selection of useful items as well.

The core of any rpg is the class system. War of Angels has a complex system of main and sub classes. The Fighter wears heavy armor, does good damage and acts as a team protector. Fighter development path is split at level 20 into warrior or knight. The Rogue is an all time favorite for those players that like to top the dps meters. Rogues can specialize as scouts or avengers. Rangers use their bows or other ranged weapons to deal damage. They can become hunters or archers. The Mage is a versatile class that can train as a sorcerer or cleric. The first choice is for dps and the second one is for healer. Each class type has unique skills and abilities. Player will equip their War of Angels characters with different types of items. These can obtained as quest rewards but player trading is also an efficient method. Trade Agency is a War of Angels feature that allows trading without having to log in. Among items and gold, mobs can also drop eggs that eventually turn into pets. War of Angels pets level up and have their own set of skills.

Wings are a perfectly normal feature for a game called War of Angels. Upon completing a specific quest, War of Angels players get wings. The best part is that wings can be used in combat. War of Angels wings have different visual styles and abilities. Wings can be used only for a few minutes so they are not a viable traveling method. Flying carpets can be used for this purpose. Players can perform a powerful ability called death blow. There is a 3 levels gauge that fills up when players deal damage. Death blow is at its maximum at level 3. Dungeons are areas where groups of players adventure for better rewards. Each week brings a different War of Angels mmo event.

By Rachel Rosen

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