WAKFU to Roll Out New Quest System

By Michael Jamias
wakfu new quest system

The free online rpg and turn-based strategy title WAKFU is adding nifty bells and whistles to its quest system. The upgraded quest system will feature four different types of quests – from boss-unlocking Adventure quests to area-triggered Environmental quests – as well as an improved quest tracking interface.

According to a new developer post, the new quest system “will make quests clearer and more varied,” and is slated to go live in the next update sometime in August.

WAKFU quests will now be categorized into four distinct types based on their objectives and activation methods. Adventure quests will grant access to Ultimate Bosses, Mount Zinit and other foes or areas, and will be mostly unrepeatable. Environmental quests will be launched automatically when you enter an area, and multiple players who trigger one can team up to complete it. Automatic quests are linked to tutorials and will also appear during different advancement points in the MMORPG. Lastly, Discovery quests will pop out when you explore the secret nooks of the WAKFU game world.

Meanwhile, the improved quest tracking interface can now hold up to five active missions for monitoring and will appear on the left-hand side of the screen, showing even more details including steps necessary for quest completion.

“This new quest system aims to guide you through the key moments of the game, enrich your experience by way of various new adventures of different lengths, and incorporate elements from the Krosmoz story,” said WAKFU NA publisher Square Enix.


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