WAKFU mount will take 365 daily quests to earn

By Michael Jamias
wakfu mount ferox daily quest

Some MMO games give out mounts like they're candy. Finish a dungeon run or spend some silver on a vendor, you will be given one. But in WAKFU, the turn-based strategy online rpg from Square Enix, only one mount exists so far and it will take at least a year for you to earn the right to ride it -- talk about hardcore.

Square Enix has not yet revealed though what the new WAKFU mount looks like or how fast a speed boost it will provide its rider, if any. It can be purely cosmetic in all likelihood. But two things we already know about this uber-elite mount from the developer’s latest info dump.

First, the new ride is called the Ferox mount. Second, it can only be earned after completing 365 daily Almanax quests. This means that it will be a year at the earliest before the Ferox mount can be seen roaming the rpg world.

Gunning for the mount might take a year of hard work, but there are short-term rewards for each successfully completed daily quest that should keep you working at it. Daily quests will give out Almokens that can be exchange for rare, exlclusive items such as emotes, insignia, pets and candy consumables.

The new daily quest system seems designed to keep players logging in and subscribing to the freemium-model MMO. We don’t know whether the mount will be epic enough to warrant such dedicated play, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to see the mount’s screenshots for extra motivation.


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