WAKFU prepares for guild wars with Haven Worlds release

By Michael Jamias
wakfu haven worlds update release

WAKFU rolls out the Haven Worlds update that sets the stage for next month's all-out guild wars.

WAKFU haven worlds allow guilds to own and manage their own common space that can be customized with buildings, populated with resources and monsters, and designed to suit their needs.

For a whole month, guilds will be able to build up and decorate their haven worlds. But once July hits, WAKFU developers will be unleashing guild wars which will encouraged guilds to fight over control of the haven worlds.

There will be a total of 64 haven worlds throughout the MMORPG world, and the sheer limited number of them compared to the number of guilds should ensure constant conflict between guilds.

Here's a tutorial for guilds who want to hit the ground running when constructing their haven world:

To introduce an element of fairness, auctions will be organized for four weeks and new haven worlds will even be added "on a regular basis," said developers.

Guilds who manage to snag a haven world for themselves will have an easy time designing their space with a very intuitive world building interface. Guilds though will not have access to all design options; they will need to unlock evolution levels and have enough kamas and resources to build their ideal haven world.

Haven Worlds will encourage every member of the guild to participate in the building effort. Leaders will need to coordinate projects while individuals will be able to contribute various items to the haven world, from haven bag ornaments to creatures and plants.

WAKFU developers said that haven worlds introduces an exciting twist to traditional player housing by making guilds and communities the focus point, instead of the single player set-up in most other rpg games online.


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