WAKFU developer diary tours us on Haven Worlds

By Michael Jamias
wakfu haven worlds developer diary

Learn about the upcoming WAKFU Haven Worlds from its key developers.

In this walkthrough video, the WAKFU team discusses what makes Haven Worlds such an immersive community-building feature.

Haven Worlds will be large and very customizable depending on the needs of the guild. For example, a guild can choose to make their Haven World a full-on gambling hub or a monster-hunting prairie.

The tools will be provided to the Haven World builders, including many rpg design customization tools such as the ability to change the appearance of buildings and interior decoration.

Of course, Wakfu developers warn that an entire mmorpg guild must be dedicated in allotting time, Kamas and creativity in order to create their dream Haven World that will attract the rest of the sever population.

The video comes as Wakfu is preparing to launch the Haven Worlds feature on June 25. There was a slight delay as the team sought to fix some kinks in the feature.


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