What Haven Worlds will mean for WAKFU

By Michael Jamias
wakfu haven worlds

WAKFU devblog discusses how the Haven Worlds feature will trigger a construction boom in the fantasy mmorpg.

“Haven Worlds are small worlds governed by guilds - with the help of the community, of course. Within these little worlds, everything needs to be constructed, from the ground to the buildings,” said WAKFU developer Ankama.

“The arrival of Haven Worlds means that you, the players, have all the elements at your fingertips to create your own areas in game. We'll provide the tools; you provide the work. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with,” it added.

Guilds will be at the core of advancing the construction of Haven Worlds, whose most advanced buildings will be quite difficult to build and expensive to develop without the help of the whole server community. A Haven World will start as a small area covered in grass and, with the help of a World Editor feature, can be filled with different land types and buildings.

Haven Worlds will share a similar system as a strategy rpg, where certain buildings will be unlocked after constructing more basic ones. There will also be a limited number of 15 Haven Worlds per Nation per server at the onset of the feature, but will be expanded gradually. These can be bought with Kama by an properly ranked and authorized player who is part of a level 10 guild or higher, with the prerequisite that only one Haven World can be owned at any time by any Guild.

Haven Worlds will not appear in the next update for the online rpg, but Ankama assures that it is in development and “advancing right on track.”


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