WAKFU devblog discusses revamp of Calamar Island

By Michael Jamias
wakfu devblog new calamar island

WAKFU level designer Fhenris talks about the upcoming meatier Version 2 of the contestable island.

Fhenris said that when Calamar Island was first introduced to the mmo, the island was intentionally reduced in size to centralize the action. But with new activities planned for the island as well as additional creatures that will be populating its shores, it became obvious that Calamar Island would need to be enlarged.

The new contestable island will be a milestone for the online rpg, Fhenris said, since it will enforce the new level rules and constraints.“ Post-revamp, Calamar Island will therefore be the first WAKFU island ready to welcome RvR!”

WAKFU developers crafted new rules to make RvR more exciting and balanced. Examples of which are:

- To conquer an island, players must beat the Clan Member.
- To do this, you'll need to provoke a Clan Member into a duel, which costs 500 kamas.
- These kamas will be transferred to the island's Clan Member.
- When an island has been captured, it will be "unconquerable" for 24 hours.
- Only players belonging to the Nation that owns the island, or players allied with that Nation, will be able to take part in the environmental quests found there.

Calamar Island will be divided into three areas, and will be packed with new content, including an area dungeon, at least two new creature types, environmental quests, a main quest and dozens of new rare gear to collect.


WAKFU comments:

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