WAKFU crafting revamp in the works

By Michael Jamias
wakfu crafting revamp

WAKFU developers are hammering away at a crafting revamp to make it a more specialized function in the MMORPG -- and in effect, a more rewarding role for players.

"With this revamp, we want to bring you a really interesting game mechanic. In short, we wanted to ask you something different than collect thousands of resources and launch a series of 500 same recipe, then 'AFK' during the 2 hours and a half that it would take for you to complete them," said Ankama in its WAKFU crafting revamp devblog.

Crafting just became too much of collect-and-make routine and this resulted in lopsided economies where in some servers items were too scarce and in others too many.

To partly solve the problem, the new crafting system will use a so-called tasks and tools system.

Players will basically queue their crafting tasks -- simplest ones will take seconds to finish while legendary items may take several days.

These tasks may finish faster if they hire master workers like a specialized Master Jeweler for example to make a rare accessory.

Under this system, veteran craftsmen will be able to charge a very high premium to lend their crafting expertise to finish items for normal players.

The contract price will fluctuate depending on the hired expert craftsman will also supply rare materials needed for the recipe. If the contracting player has all the materials and just needs the labor part done, then the cost will be cheaper.

We will integrate to these contracts, a rating system that will allow you to provide an assessment of the craftsman.

With great craftsmen soon becoming in high demand, WAKFU will try to implement a rating system that lets you judge areas of service such as: Interaction, Speed, Price and Efficiency. This is meant to let the best, most efficient and friendliest craftsmen get the most jobs through a reputation recommendation system.

Developers say these changes are still in the concept stages, so it should take quite a while before the crafting revamp goes live on the free online rpg.


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