WAKFU video unmasks the mysterious Masqueraider class

By Michael Jamias
wafku masqueraider video

Watch the crazy combos these so-called “lunatic soldiers” are capable of inflicting in battle.

Similar to all other WAKFU classes, the Masqueraider can specialize in three out of four elements, specifically, Fire, Water and Air. Lore-wise, the Masqueraiders are a persecuted race that are hunted down for their magical masks. Masqueraiders are quite peculiar in that they go about the world hiding behind their masks, and often pursue their own secret motives.

As seen in the video above, the Fire Masqueraider enters a psychotic frenzy that enables it to dish out AOE damage. Meanwhile, the Water Masqueraider spits his way to a balanced offense and defense, with more than half of his attacks triggering a heal while also dealing damage and manipulating enemy positioning. Lastly, the Air Masqueraider dons a mask that makes him a master of movement, able to push back foes and cover more distance while doling out the pain.

Based on its support kit, WAKFU has positioned the Masqueraider class as a heavy damage dealer that grows even deadlier with every attack it dodges. MMO fans should build him as an agile frontline fighter or as a hybrid battle support – similar to the rpg archetype of clerisc or monks – that can bestow heals with each successful blow.


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