wakfu kelba part 2
WAKFU warriors, are you ready to cross swords with the menacing Black Crow? Then cross the newly opened bridge and explore the peaks of Kelba.Kelba has been redesigned and players that want to push through deeper into the perilous area can continue the quest of Kelba's Peaks. A temporary ally named Kabrok will assist you as you scale the mountain but Rascaws and the Black Crow do not respond well to intruders. Only the bravest and most prepa...
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Apr 03 2015
wakfu redesign
If you've played any of Ankama's mmo games, you'll know that design is of paramount importance. Even from the early days of Dofus, the cel-shade-esque sprites and the soft, European color palettes were a huge, refreshing change in the mmo scene. It meant that even with all the intense, action-packed battlegrounds, players were enveloped by gentle surroundings and could just kick back and enjoy the view. Many games have jumped on this bandwagon n...
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Mar 18 2015
wakfu eliotropes class launch
WAKFU's 15th class, the Eliotropes, is now playable -- and it's generating quite the buzz because of several factoids. First, the Eliotropes class is being introduced simultaneously to both WAKFU and Dofus. Second, the class has a special link with Yugo, the hero of WAKFU, the namesake anime TV series based on the MMO.Third, the Eliotropes uses a cool combat kit centered on casting teleports and punishing with martial arts. Ankama describes...
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Dec 09 2014
wakfu subscription free
Ankama is really out to woo US players to try out its turn-based strategy mmo WAKFU. Fresh from launching on the Steam platform – which makes it much easier to access the game – the developer is also dropping subscriptions for US players of the client version.Under WAKFU's subscription-free model, fans will instead be given the option to purchase Booster Packs for that extra bit of gaming convenience. Booster packs provide XP and item drop bo...
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Sep 19 2014
wakfu steam
Ankama Games have hit a second wind over the past year. Back in the early 2000s, the french mmo developer took the world by storm with the launch of their cutesy, anime-style, turn-based mmorpg, Dofus. Shortly after, early trials of the sequel, Wakfu, emerged and both titles maintained a committed following. Since then, their fanbases have continued to prosper and a mini franchise has been cultivated, complete with comics, an animated series, tr...
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Sep 18 2014
wakfu animated series netflix
Starting September 14, Netflix members can start watching both seasons of the WAKFU animated series. WAKFU revolves around the adventures of Yugo, a thrill-seeking and big-hearted Eliatrope. He sets off in the series trying to find out the fate of his people but ends up uncovering more than even he expected.WAKFU on Netflix will initially be available to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Nordics. WAKFU will also be available on Ne...
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Sep 09 2014
wakfu steam launch date
Turn-based strategy rpg fans on Steam will have much to look forward to two weeks from now with WAKFU launching on the platform on September 18. WAKFU on Steam will be available in the US and more than 50 other countries worldwide.The WAKFU Steam launch will be held just a couple of days after the game exits its current closed beta. Developer Ankama promises there will be no beta wipe so player progression and items earned throughout the test...
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Sep 04 2014
WAKFU entering free-to-play open beta
Ankama Games has flirted with a number of business models for their anime-inspired mmorpg, WAKFU. Earlier this season, the game's developers announced that the online game was going subscription-free, and now that time is finally here. Players can now venture through this world, set in the DOFUS universe, with the start of the WAKFU free-to-play open beta.The managing director and chief operating officer of Ankama Games, Olivier Comte, says t...
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Aug 15 2014
wakfu petsmount dragoturkey dragosteed
Why have pets or mounts when you can have the comfort of both in one adorably cute animal? Meet Petsmounts, the hybrid new addition to WAKFU. WAKFU Petsmounts are creatures you can ride and allow you to move faster (like a mount), and allow you to acquire additional stats (like a pet). Petsmounts can be obtained in two ways: First is via an in-game quest for level 35, or purchasing them via the Shop. While they may be a handful to say,...
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Jul 25 2014
wakfu subscription
French developer, Ankama Games has  tried a fair few approaches when it comes to business models for its mmo games, it's Java and Flash based titles have gone through pay to play, monthly subscriptions, limited free to play and more and, seemingly, they're still looking for that monetization sweet spot. Their next step, announced in their recent dev blog, is to make a subscription free Wakfu. "We are entering a new era! WAKFU will be avail...
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Jun 25 2014