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  • Wakfu: combat

    Wakfu: combat
    Wakfu is a turn based tactical game. Combat looks at feels similar to older Final Fantasy games....
    Wakfu: combat

    Wakfu: winning

    Wakfu: winning
    Win a fight? This screen will show you your rewards....
    Wakfu: winning

    Wakfu: hibachi

    Wakfu: hibachi
    Time to take a little break and enjoy the hibachi. Anyone have any steak?...
    Wakfu: hibachi

    Wakfu: inventory

    Wakfu: inventory
    Kill rabbits, take their heads, and make hats....
    Wakfu: inventory

WAKFU Gameplay

WAKFU Gameplay

WAKFU is the result of a combined effort from popular developers Square Enix and Ankama. WAKFU is a unique MMORPG title that combines a highly versatile turn-based combat system with a variety of other interesting RPG features and an anime style artistic design.

One of the greatest aspects of WAKFU is the turn-based combat system, a feature seen in some of Square Enix's earlier console titles such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Much like the console titles, the turn-based combat in WAKFU allows players and monsters to maneuver around the battle field and launch abilities in turns. Players have to approach each turn with caution, ensuring that they're current location prevents them from certain enemy abilities while making the enemy close enough to hit with their own abilities. Although some MMORPG players frown at turn-based combat, WAKFU manages to combine the key elements to turn-based combat with highly quality animations and a huge variety of abilities, creating an intensely exciting combat system that rivals even the real-time titles MMORPG list.

WAKFU provides players with a unique multinational political feature that creates an in-game system unlike anything you've experienced before. Every nation has a governor, an elected player that is in control of selecting various laws and alliances with other nations. There's a huge selection of laws available and the governor can use law points to activate certain laws within the nation, players that don't follow these laws lose citizenship points and are unable to participate in various national events. Regular players are able to become a governor if they gather enough citizen points but there are other roles available such as soldiers and town guards. Governors regularly work on diplomatic relations with opposing nations but there's never a shortage of hostile situations as nations declare war on one another. This great system combines in-depth political features with worthwhile PvP, a unique feature that makes WAKFU one of the most innovative MMO titles available on the market.

There are dozens of anime inspired MMORPG games but the unique turn-based combat and huge amount of PvE content makes WAKFU stand out in the crowd. A must play MMORPG title for fans of any previous Square Enix titles.

By Rachel Rosen


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WAKFU Guide: How to Make the Most of Your Free Account

2012-09-11 11:13:38 - By Michael Jamias

WAKFU is a freemium MMORPG, meaning it has a free to play option as well as a paid subscription option. Free players get to log in to the turn-based online rpg, create any class they want, and explore a limited area of the WAKFU world – which is a great thing, if you’re the type to want to test-run a game before fully slamming down a monthly subscription.

A free WAKFU account can offer you a good amount of strategy rpg content -- that is, if you know where to look. MMO-Play scouted the free content areas to try and help you stretch out the adventure to dozens of hours of fun. Here’s what we uncovered:

Sample All the Classes and Builds

You’ve probably run across a number of free online rpg games that limit you character creation and class choices. WAKFU isn’t one of those games. All character customization options are available to your free account.

wakfu character creation

wakfu character creation

As a free account player, you can try out all 13 classes and each class’s three basic elemental skill paths. That’s a total of 39 different builds, not counting the quirky hybrid builds that you can come up with by dabbling in between two or more elemental skill paths. Each of these builds has a unique gameplay style, and spending an hour on a given build will pretty much give you an idea of how it plays in solo and team settings.

wakfu character selection

Free accounts come with the standard five character slots, similar to subscribers.

Complete the Beginner Quests and Starter Sets

If you have completionist cravings that need satisfying, then you can try and finish the beginner quests that are thrown at you from the moment you start a new character. You will start in the tutorial area of Incarnam and after hitting level 5 you can head down to the newbie starter zone of Astrub.

wakfu quests

Quests are not spoon-fed to you, though; you will need to activate them by speaking to NPC characters, exploring the map and fighting different mobs. A handy quest book keeps track of your progress, and you can toggle between filters to help you check which quests are finished and which are still in your to-do list. To quickly bring up the quest book, press the shortcut button ‘Q’.

Completing quests also speeds up your leveling process by rewarding you with a hefty chunk of XP and sometimes even XP boosting consumables (pro tip: these XP boosts are best used when fighting in a group against a bunch of tough, higher level enemies. XP boosts typically last only for one fight so you have to make them count.)

Gear set collection is a big thing in WAKFU. If you’ve ever played Diablo 2 and loved the idea of hunting down mobs and bosses for specific gear set drops, which when equipped at the same time bestow increasingly powerful stat bonuses, then you’ll easily get addicted to hunting down WAKFU starter sets.

Fight in Training Duels

In Astrub, you will meet other free account players. You can engage them in training duels to see how your build stacks up to theirs.

wakfu duels

Training duels are a great way to meet new friends, since losing in a training duel does not give any penalties aside from having to sit for a few seconds to regain the health you lost in battle. Training duels from strangers are often refused (it’s similar to getting an invitation to go somewhere with a stranger), and the polite way is to ask for permission first before issuing a challenge.

Group Up For Team Battles and Events

Grouping up to face off against a pack of mobs is one of the most exciting challenges in WAKFU, so much that you would be missing the whole point of the game without giving this a go. Much of the content in WAKFU is team-based, whether it’s fighting computer-controlled enemies or a rival human group.

wakfu team battles

Team battles let you delve into the synergies of your class and build with others as part of a cohesive team. For example, your high health and tank-like Iop character is a great complement to ranged attackers and healers who will trust you to keep a hard-hitting mob at bay while they do their thing. Meanwhile, you might find out that in a crowded and full-member team, your line of sight attacks might not be as effective as you were using them in solo play. Team battles give you a newfound appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of your class, helping you play better.

wakfu team attacks

There are also events taking place in Astrub that free players can join. These are timed events that require participants to kill the most number of a certain mob, collect the most items, etc. Battle is often involved against mobs in the teen levels, which means your newly created free character needs a buddy or two to stay competitive in the events. These reward unique items that are often hard to get or can only be obtained through events.

Remember though that you can only group up with other free account players. Likewise, subscribers can only group with subscribers. This means that if you have a subscriber friend, then either he or she should make a free account to play with you, or you will need to upgrade.

Explore the WAKFU World and Lore

The WAKFU world is a fascinating place, filled with unique characters and a fun storyline.

In Incarnam there are interactive boards that when read in sequence tells you the history of the game universe. While not as comprehensive as the lore of other mmorpg titles, it is quite unique and laced with a bit of humor (a trait WAKFU inherited from its predecessor, Dofus).

Wakfu world

NPC characters also have their own quirks and personality, and without spoiling anything, let’s just say that getting to know them can prove quite useful at times.

Down at Astrub, you can then brush up on the history of the four rival nations, of which one will be your chosen faction. Sadly, the full perks of citizenship do not trickle down to free account players, but there’s nothing stopping you from exploring their individual home territories.

Wakfu Asturb

Astrub itself has a lot of dungeon locations. Astrub Sewers (above) is located in the upper left portion of Astrub, and is a great leveling destination starting level 6 or 7. It is also the pathway to the House of Trouble dungeon, for which you will need the appropriate key to enter. Plenty more are scattered in Astrub waiting to be discovered.

Lastly, you can talk to Master Bossowl stationed at the center of Astrub for directions on a few more quests.

What You Can’t Do

As a final reminder, here’s a rundown of what you can’t do with a starter account:

  • No trading of items. If your bags become full, you’re free to delete stuff. Keep the gear, consumables and keys while the rest can be pretty much discarded to make space for new drops.
  • Limited professions. Only six of the 16 available professions are unlocked for free account players. These are mainly gathering professions which allow you to collect materials. These harvested items though are basically useless since the crafting professions that use them as ingredients are locked for subscribers only.
  • No politics. Voting, running for office and other political actions are prohibited. WAKFU has a built-in government system for each of the four nations, but free players are forbidden from participating.
  • Full storyline. The first major quest line available to free accounts is but a taste of the epic quest to slay Ogrest, the powerful god that threatens WAKFU.

As a free account player, you can probably spend dozens of hours in the starter zones. And when you’ve run out of things to do, you can rinse and repeat with a new character. Whether your experience will be pleasant and addicting enough to lead to a subscription is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure – the activities we laid out in this guide, while quite plentiful, and is simply a slice of what WAKFU packs in full.



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