Vengeful raid bosses arise in Vindictus Season 2 Episode 2

By Michael Jamias
vindictus season 2 episode 2 walkthrough

this Season 2 Episode 2 raids walkthrough video gives us a glimpse of Iset and Havan, the two newest bosses in Vindictus.

In the Twilight Desert two new threats have awoken. Iset to be a power-hungry seductress plots a devious scheme that will help her wrest control over the region, while her personal guard Havan ensures that his master gets her way.

Both Iset and Havan are new 8-man raids for the action online rpg that can be completed once per day.

Havan assaults players with his destructible body parts, and raid teams must be coordinated enough to bring him down.

Meanwhile, Iset will be a grueling multi-phase boss fight that has enough twists and challenges to "keep mercenaries of all levels on their toes," said developers.

Both raids have been available for play starting earlier this week at the Twilight Desert. The new raid content can be accessed from the mission board in Malina Docks.

Along with the two new raids, the MMORPG also received the Charles Race mini-game. It is basically an obstacle course race where players must get to the finish line before Charles the Excavator does. With 5 rounds of increasing difficulty, players will need lots of practice to prevail.


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