Vindictus Pantheum raid as an 8-man, 3-phase slugfest

By Michael Jamias
vindictus pantheum raid

Battle against the malevolent Pantheum Executioner in the newest raid to hit Vindictus.

The new 8-player raid can be accessed through the Malina Docks Twilight Desert battle mission board and will pit heroes of the free online rpg versus a vile undead spawn through a deadly 3-phase encounter.

Developers teased that raiders must adapt to the shifting attack patterns of The Pantheum Executioner if they hope to survive his hellish onslaught.

The Pantheum Executioner raid, which went live on August 7, comes with a special two-week limited-time completion event. Those who finish the Pantheum Completion event requirements -- defeat Pantheum and obtain a Shadow Shard, or gather 3 or more Shadow Shards -- by August 20 will receive a cool rewards pack.

The full list of rewards include: Party Revival Feather, Fine HP Potion (Gift), Superior HP Potion (Gift), Merc Recovery Potion (Gift), Divine Blessing Stone (Gift), Grim Reaper's Horn Bugle, Executioner's Scythe Segment, Executioner's Thorn and Lightning Fragment.

Players are encouraged to keep on running the new raid for a chance to collect Shadow Shards after each defeat of Pantheum. 3 Shadow Shards can be exchanged for 1 Grim Reaper Box, which contains nifty consumables and rare NX items that should prove useful while adventuring in the action combat MMO.


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