Vindictus Introduces New Archer Mercenary, Kai

By Michael Jamias
vindictus new mercenary kai

Boasting a sure-shot aim and quicksilver reflexes, the new Vindictus mercenary Kai opens up slick new ways for players to shoot down foes and perform incredible acrobatic feats.

According to a Nexon press release, “Kai comes armed with a high-powered bow, allowing teams to have ranged attack support while taking down the hordes of fierce monsters inhabiting Vindictus’ dungeons.”

Kai seems capable on both offense and defense. His archer skills like Arrow Storm and Ricochet shot takes down multiple targets in one go, while his Chain Link clasps two nearby enemies together before triggering a deadly explosion. Single-target monstrosities will also stagger when Kai lets loose his focused, piercing arrow shots like Magnum Shot. When in danger, Kai can trigger his defensive evasive skill Dodge Grapple that can keep him at an ideal shooting distance.

Like all other Vindictus mercenaries, Kai acquires unique sets as he grows in level and completes difficult missions. His default high-level armor is the Naturewalker Set, which requires Armor Smithing at a proficiency level of 270, while his high-level weapon is the Braid Tassel Bow, which is craftable after using the parts from the Titan boss.

Nexon confirmed that Kai, like all other mercenaries in the free online rpg, can receive hair, armor and other decorative customizations via item purchases at the Avatar Shop.


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