Vindictus unloads Cross Gun update

By Michael Jamias
vindictus cross gun update

With its blinding shooting speed and devastating ranged power, Kai's new Cross Gun weapon takes center stage in the newest Vindictus patch.

The Cross Gun is the latest and most advanced weapon yet for the hero Kai. Developers said the new hybrid Cross Gun is capable of killing scores of enemies in the action based mmorpg. It's all made possible by the Cross Gun's semi-automatic trigger that enables quick shooting, while its powerful recoil mechanism propels projectile bolts to pierce even the thickest armour.

Lore-wise, the Cross Gun is a by-product of Kai's unmatched knowledge of archery and the most cutting-edge technology available in the rpg world of Erinn. Kai tested his murderous prototype by slaying thousands of foes, and is now confident to take his polished ranged punisher to the battlefield.


To mark the launch of the Cross Gun update, Vindictus developer Nexon is also hosting a slew of events throughout the month that allows fans to show off their Cross Gun proficiency.

These events include Kai’s Cross Gun Video Contest, where players can record, edit and submit videos that show off the spectacular moves Kai can perform using the Cross Gun. The best videos will earn a feature spotlight on the game's official YouTube channel.

There will also be a Cross Gun Combo Challenge that pits players against the seemingly insurmountable trial of reaching a 9,000+ combo with a Cross Gun. Simply capture the screenshot of the highest combo you can dole out with the Cross Gun, and hope that it beats everyone else's records. Four winners will be chosen across each of these level categories: lvl1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80.



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