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Vindictus exercise videos released
One thing that mmo players know is that Vindictus means action. The world of the online game features brutal combat in destructible environments where even the corpses of your enemies can be used as weapons. It's also assumed that the average gamer is not a lethal warrior with bulging biceps and rock hard abs. Well, that may change with the release of the new Vindictus exercise videos that are designed to get gamers into fighting shape. All of y...
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Apr 20 2015
vindictus europe arisha launch
Arisha makes her grand arrival in Vindictus Europe, promising to slice and freeze enemies that cross her path.Arisha wields two weapons. First is the Spellsword, a magical blade that is light enough to swing multiple times in succession but lethal enough to decimate its poor target. Arisha's second weapon is the Focus, a magical glove on which she can channel energy and turn it into razor crystals. On her command, these crystals can be throw...
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Dec 10 2014
vindictus lynn europe
Across the Atlantic, the warrior-princess Lynn has arrived in Vindictus Europe. You won't need to roll out the red carpet for this beautifully regal spear maiden -- Lynn can handle her own agaisnt even the toughest of baddies in the action rpg, thank you very much. As her name suggests Lynn, Princess of the Lost Kingdom, uses exotic lethal techniques such as Swift Assassin and Five Fingered Death to defeat her foes. Lynn's core strength is in he...
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Jun 18 2014
vindictus pantheum raid
Battle against the malevolent Pantheum Executioner in the newest raid to hit Vindictus. The new 8-player raid can be accessed through the Malina Docks Twilight Desert battle mission board and will pit heroes of the free online rpg versus a vile undead spawn through a deadly 3-phase encounter. Developers teased that raiders must adapt to the shifting attack patterns of The Pantheum Executioner if they hope to survive his hellish onslaught. The ...
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Aug 09 2013
vindictus season 2 episode 2 walkthrough
this Season 2 Episode 2 raids walkthrough video gives us a glimpse of Iset and Havan, the two newest bosses in Vindictus.In the Twilight Desert two new threats have awoken. Iset to be a power-hungry seductress plots a devious scheme that will help her wrest control over the region, while her personal guard Havan ensures that his master gets her way. Both Iset and Havan are new 8-man raids for the action online rpg that can be completed ...
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Jul 05 2013
vindictus cross gun update
With its blinding shooting speed and devastating ranged power, Kai's new Cross Gun weapon takes center stage in the newest Vindictus patch. The Cross Gun is the latest and most advanced weapon yet for the hero Kai. Developers said the new hybrid Cross Gun is capable of killing scores of enemies in the action based mmorpg. It's all made possible by the Cross Gun's semi-automatic trigger that enables quick shooting, while its powerful recoil mecha...
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Apr 16 2013
vindictus new mercenary kai
Boasting a sure-shot aim and quicksilver reflexes, the new Vindictus mercenary Kai opens up slick new ways for players to shoot down foes and perform incredible acrobatic feats. According to a Nexon press release, “Kai comes armed with a high-powered bow, allowing teams to have ranged attack support while taking down the hordes of fierce monsters inhabiting Vindictus’ dungeons.” Kai seems capable on both offense and defense. His archer skills l...
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Jul 24 2012