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  • Vindictus: Beginning

    Vindictus: Beginning
    For a Korean designed game ported to English speaking market, translation here is almost immaculate. Vindictus appears rather simp...
    Vindictus: Beginning

    Vindictus: Character Creation

    Vindictus: Character Creation
    Character creation is simple yet detailed, due to amazing graphics that this game has to offer. There is a nice option to see endg...
    Vindictus: Character Creation

    Vindictus: Tutorial

    Vindictus: Tutorial
    Tutorial is rather well thought and instead of simply being an arena where you obey commands, it actually gives an insight to the ...
    Vindictus: Tutorial

    Vindictus: Combat

    Vindictus: Combat
    The core of the game, battles. Using engine from Half-Life 2 (a highly critically acclaimed game for those of you who do not know)...
    Vindictus: Combat

Vindictus Gameplay part 1

Vindictus Gameplay part 1

Vindictus Gameplay part 2

Vindictus Gameplay part 2

Vindictus is an action based MMORPG developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. Vindictus is one of the few free to play MMORPG games that is developed using the famous Source Engine, allowing for some awesome features such as destructible environments and hit box recognition. When players attack an enemy, the contact is crisp and visible, with blood pouring out from the exact spot your weapon made contact. Buildings and walls can be destroyed around you, and you can even turn your enemies corpse into a shield or weapon.

Vindictus provides one of the best combat systems in MMORPG history, combining real-time physics with larger than life raid bosses and unique combat mechanics. Players can fight everything from gigantic spiders to a dragon that requires 24 players to take down. Certain bosses have unique mechanics that require players to work together in order to take them down. One example of this is the spider fight where players must perform different actions in order to win. One player must circle the spider, chaining its legs together to restrict it's movement while other players throw large rocks from a nearby rubble pile, or heal their allies. Each dungeon and boss also changes each time you enter, allowing for a unique experience each and every time.

Vindictus also includes a unique fishing system. Unlike other MMO games where you simply sit near a body of water and cast a rod, Vindictus allows players to get on a boat and go deep sea fishing using a harpoon. The harpoon is not an automatic fish catcher, players must aim for the fish themselves, making it skill based instead of the typical item based fishing systems common in today's MMO games. Players can sell or eat fish but they can also reel in other items while fishing including treasure chests containing items or pieces of equipment.

By Rachel Rosen


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