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  • Villagers and Heroes: aufgabe

    Villagers and Heroes: aufgabe
    Even in the German client, we can tell that this means that we are starting a new quest....
    Villagers and Heroes: aufgabe

    Villagers and Heroes: skills

    Villagers and Heroes: skills
    Unlock new skills by putting points into them as you level. Currently we have a PBAE stun....
    Villagers and Heroes: skills

    Villagers and Heroes: combat

    Villagers and Heroes: combat
    Special attacks are on your hotbar which only pops up when you are in combat....
    Villagers and Heroes: combat

    Villagers and Heroes: fish

    Villagers and Heroes: fish
    There's nothing like sitting back and fishing after a long day of adventuring....
    Villagers and Heroes: fish

A Mystical Land Gameplay

A Mystical Land Gameplay

Villagers and Heroes (previously named A Mystical Land) is a free to play fantasy MMORPG developed by Mad Otter Games and published by Neonga AG. The name change brought lots of improvements, updates and additions. Villagers and Heroes has been infused with sandbox features allowing players to create equipment, items and settlements. The player housing system is complex. In addition to a house, players also own a small farm and raise animals. Some of the produced goods are used as crafting mats. Taking care of a farm can be fun but the open world has rewards for those that dare to explore it. The game supports both WASD and point and click movement, and uses the traditional macro key combat seen in the majority of today's MMORPG games.

Villagers and Heroes offers players 4 playable classes: Warrior, Wizard, Hunter and Priest. When you choose your class and gender, you're given the option of previewing some of the equipment your character will wear at higher levels, allowing you to choose which type of appearance appeals to you the most. Class advancement has RPG specific mechanics. Players get XP and level up. Each gained level makes Villagers and Heroes characters stronger. There are unique talents, feats and spells for each class. Villagers and Heroes includes an in-depth crafting system that features both the gathering and creation aspects of making your own items. There are 4 types of gathering skills, Mining, Fishing, collecting Bugs and harvesting Plants. Each gathering skill levels individually and provides you with different raw materials for different crafts. There are 5 crafts to use, Blacksmith, Tailor, Woodcraft, Cooking and Gnogmenting. Each craft requires different materials and can provide you with different items.

Villagers and Heroes has a highly addictive achievement system that is separated into 4 categories, General, Combat, Crafting and Gathering. There are over 100 unique achievements in the game, with each requiring different skills to complete. Each achievement rewards players with a large amount of gold if they're able to complete it. This adds a great alternative option to questing or grinding for cash, as players can check the huge list of achievements in game and then choose which one they wish to work on. One of the most exciting features is the village system. All Villagers and Heroes houses are found in villages so all players that own a house live in a village. There are many villages and each one is run by a mayor (elected by the other players). Villagers and Heroes is one of the MMO games that support village competitions. There are tons of exciting activities and interacting with other players will surely make the game more fun.

By Rachel Rosen


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