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vendetta online virtual reality support
Guild Software Inc is betting big on virtual reality (VR) with the announcement that Vendetta Online will be launching on major mobile VR platforms in the first half of 2016. Vendetta Online VR support have been confirmed for three devices so far: Oculus Rift on Windows, the HTC Vive on Windows, and the Samsung Gear VR on Android.Fans can view the demo prototype of Vendetta Online for Samsung Gear VR at the show floor of the 2016 Game Develo...
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Mar 10 2016
vendetta online ipad version crowdfunding
Vendetta Online has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will finance “further game enhancements” as well as an iPad version of the space MMORPG. Developer Guild Software has set the crowdfunding goal to $100,000. As of this writing, 267 backers have already pledged $14,744 or around 14% of the goal amount with 34 days to go before the campaign ends. Part of the funds raised in the Kickstarter effort will be spent to bring the game...
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Jan 21 2013