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  • Vendetta Online: nation

    Vendetta Online: nation
    Choose from 1 of 3 nations when you starting playing Vendetta Online....
    Vendetta Online: nation

    Vendetta Online: ship

    Vendetta Online: ship
    Before leaving the station you need to purchase your first ship. Over time, you can upgrade and customize almost everything about ...
    Vendetta Online: ship

    Vendetta Online: combat

    Vendetta Online: combat
    Collectors give you your first taste of combat. Fight these guys to collect scraps....
    Vendetta Online: combat

    Vendetta Online: dock

    Vendetta Online: dock
    Dock with your station to turn in or start missions and to buy and sell materials....
    Vendetta Online: dock

Vendetta Online Gameplay

Vendetta Online Gameplay

Vendetta Online is a sci fi mmorpg, developed and published by Guild Software. Vendetta Online is one of the few mmorpg games that stood the test of time. It was released in 2004 and is still running strong with a small but dedicated playerbase. Players adventure into the open space as ship pilots. The game world is a persistent one and allows interaction between thousands of players. Vendetta Online characters start with some nation characteristics but this will not influence further character development. Vendetta Online has PvP and PvE content. There are no safe zones and PvP can happen almost anywhere.

Players can create unique Vendetta Online characters by choosing which skills and stats to improve. The character panel displays all there is to know about Vendetta Online characters. There are multiple ways to increase skills. Missions provide best skill growth and other rewards too. As characters advance, they get more difficult missions and rewards to match. Players can take trade, spy, patrol and several other types of missions. There are missions that can only be completed with a group. Players can form larger groups known in most rpg games as guilds. Vendetta Online characters gain reputation with certain factions and unlock special items and armor. Because Vendetta Online is about space pilots, ships are an important game feature. Ships have their own customization system. Visual and functional features can be modified. There are ship addons to make them more suitable for trading or for fighting. It all depends on player's preferences. Players need to get familiarized with ship controls in order to successfully maneuver their ships in combat. Weapons are also important for combat. There are 4 types of Vendetta Online weapons: energy, rockets, homing missiles and mines.

When people think about mmo development companies, they automatically think about large crews working on a single title. Vendetta Online is developed and maintained by a crew of 4 people. This is the best proof that quality games don't need hundreds of developers and astronomic budgets. Despite its small team, Vendetta Online releases frequent updates and patches and has an excellent communication with the players. PCC (Player Contribution Corps) is a Vendetta Online feature that allows players to get involved in the development process. PCC members create missions and even submit bits of code to be used. Vendetta Online runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. Vendetta Online has a subscription based business model and offers a free trial.

By Rachel Rosen


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