Vanguard makes over Lomshir starting zone

By Michael Jamias
vanguard new lomshir revamp

The Vanguard revamp includes more convenient access, an expanded level range, fresh questlines and thrilling new boss events to the beginner region.

Vanguard developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) rolled out the Lomshir overhaul as part of its latest game update over the weekend. The Lomshir zone, with its vast rolling hills and sweeping savannas, broke in adventurers with its native threats of basilisks, wasps and hyenas. But the revamp adds more danger to the Lomshir region, including Lomshir, Lomshir Plains and Hag’s Coastline to match the increased level range of 10-20 for the area. Veterans who revisit Lomshir will be pleasantly surprised at the new questlines and boss events that have erupted in the area.

In addition to padded content, the Lomshir zone can now be easily travelled to using the riftway system.

Developers have said before that it wanted to enhance the leveling experience in Vanguard similar to other mmorpg games, and the Lomshir changes seem to be geared towards this goal. Vanguard recently made the transition to a free rpg, which has brought in a surge of new fans starting from scratch. SOE is quite determined to keep the majority of new players, and what better way to keep them logging in than convenient features and heftier content.


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