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vanguard sunset
A sad moment in gaming for mmo fans all over the world as one of the longest running sandbox mmorpgs, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes finally sails off into the sunset. The long-struggling, fantasy mmorpg was first launched in 2007, under the Sigil Games banner, with a strong, committed following. However, concerns for the game's well-being began to be voiced only five months in, when Sony Online Entertainment took over all rights to Vanguard. Within a...
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Aug 01 2014
vanguard new lomshir revamp
The Vanguard revamp includes more convenient access, an expanded level range, fresh questlines and thrilling new boss events to the beginner region. Vanguard developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) rolled out the Lomshir overhaul as part of its latest game update over the weekend. The Lomshir zone, with its vast rolling hills and sweeping savannas, broke in adventurers with its native threats of basilisks, wasps and hyenas. But the revamp...
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Mar 18 2013