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    Vanguard: character
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    Vanguard: first
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    Vanguard: quest
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    Vanguard: abilities
    New spells and abilities are learned from your trainer as you level up. Place them on your hot bar and use your keyboard to activa...
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Vanguard Gameplay

Vanguard Gameplay

Vanguard is a free mmorpg developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment. In Vanguard, players adventure into a world called Telon. This world has 2 big continents and islands. Scenery ranges from mountains, jungles, beaches, deserts and much more. Telon is home to 19 different races. You can choose any of them as a playable character. Races are divided based on the 3 main world zones: Thestra, Kojan and Qalia. The Thestra races are: Thestran Humans, Halflings, Dwarves, High Elves, Varanjar , Vulmane and Lesser Giants. The Kojan area houses: Kojani Humans, Wood Elves, Half Elves, Goblins, Orcs and Raki. In Qalia we find: Mordebi Humans, Gnomes, Qaliathari, Dark Elves, Varanthari and Kurashasa. Race choice will have an effect on gameplay. It will also influence class choice. Not all races and class combos are available. There are 15 classes in total. Depending on your class you will be tank, healer or damage dealer. The classes made for tanking are: Paladins, Warriors and Dread Knights. Healers must choose a: Cleric, Disciple, Blood Mage or Shaman. The damage dealing classes are either melee or ranged. Players that want to take the role of a dps have to choose from: Rogue, Bard, Monk, Ranger, Druid, Sorcerer, Psionicist or Necromancer.

Vanguard mmo has 3 types or gameplay. These types are often called spheres. They are: Adventuring, Crafting and Diplomacy. The Adventuring sphere is the PvE content in Vanguard. It allows players to complete quests, learn about the lore and run dungeons. Dungeons in Vanguard are not instanced. Also several raids are available. Adventuring has a maximum level of 55. Crafting refers to item creating activities. To create an item you need a recipe and mats. You usually get everything you need for crafting by completing crafting quests and work orders. There are several specializations for crafting. Diplomacy in Vanguard is a ccg similar concept. Diplomacy is based on parleys between two characters. The goal of a parley is to reduce your points to 0. Harvesting is considered the fourth sphere but it’s not that important as the other three.

Vanguard free online rpg has player housing and guild hall features. First of all players have to purchase space to build their homes. The construction materials usually come from crafting. Players can let other player access their homes and store items. Players can travel between continents using land and flying mounts, ships or riftways (teleporters). You can adventure on your own but to explore all content you need a group. Vanguard is not an online rpg made for solo play.

By Rachel Rosen


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