Uncharted Waters Online makes grand berth on Steam

By Michael Jamias
uncharted waters online steam free

Uncharted Waters Online launches on the popular Steam distribution platform and offers three powerful item packages.

Normally a free to play mmo, Uncharted Waters Online is allowing players the chance to purchase either the Steam Booster Pack, Steam Premium Pack or Sea Adventure Pack to get ahead.

These item packages provide millions of ducats, the main in-game currency for the tactical online rpg, as well as various power boosts. See the contents of each paid package below:

Steam Booster Pack ($5) – gives a 30% XP boost and faster ship speed for seven days. Players also will not have to return to a port to revive sailors lost at sea—a very convenient perk.

Steam Premium Pack ($10) – gives players 200 million ducats, 50% XP boost, and faster ship speed for seven days. Players will have a chance to win rare items, including ships.

Sea Adventure Pack ($40) – the most extravagant of the three packages, it gives players 300 million ducats and a 50% XP boost for 15 days. Also includes guaranteed exclusive items such as the custom Arabian Galley ship, dragon chest and admiral’s coat.

Players can visit the official Steam page for Uncharted Waters Online to download the strategic MMORPG for free, as well as purchase one of the three item packages as optional DLCs.


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