Uncharted Waters Online re-launches on OGPlanet

By Michael Jamias
uncharted waters online ogplanet relaunch

Uncharted Waters Online is now live on its new home at uwo.ogplanet.com.

To get us in the mood for its OGPlanet re-launch, let's watch this previously released Uncharted Waters Online cinematic trailer.

Last month OGPlanet confirmed it was taking over as the new publisher for the long-running naval free to play mmo. Many younger gamers probably don't know about this free rpg even though it's been around for eight years already, so OGPlanet is taking this re-launch as a chance to get fresh blood into the servers.

OGPlanet will be hosting multiple in-game launch events to welcome the stream of new players as well as compensate veterans who may have been inconvenienced by the service and website transfer. Those who log-in will get freebies and double EXP boosts, among other rewards.

To facilitate a smooth transfer from the Netmarble/gPotato service, all players will also be able to link their previous Netmarble account with a new or existing OGPlanet account.

The game stays the same despite the transfer. It will still be set in the 15th century Age of Exploration, and players will continue to strike out into the open seas in search of historic lands, majestic treasure, gripping naval combat, and long-lasting fame or infamy.


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