Uncharted Waters Online knocks open historical Korea

By Michael Jamias
uncharted waters online korea update

Korea becomes the latest Uncharted Waters Online territory to unlock in the newly released update.

The historical MMORPG opens up The Land of the Morning Calm, including new towns to visit and fresh quests to pursue. There will be three new Korean towns, including Hanyang (known today as Seoul), Busan and Pohang.

Exceptional new ships can be made in these Korean towns, including the Stacked Turtle Ship and Caoyun Ship. Those looking to probe the update’s new area can dock into territories like West Pohang, as well as the many other coasts that circle the Korean Peninsula.

New quests and a new dungeon, Songsan-ri Tombs, promise reward-filled adventures. Historical RPG Games fans can take their sweet time exploring the Dragon Swallowtail, Sin Saimdang Folding Screen, Jeju Island and more.

The Uncharted Waters Online Korean update, will be staggered in four narrative parts. Part 1 will see the rise of Great Admiral Yi Soon-shin. Part 2 and Part 3 then open up the majority of adventure content, including the quests and destinations. The finale Part 4 then breaks open the path to the Songsan-ri Tombs dungeon, which will require teamwork and offer hidden treasures for those who successfully weave through its ancient passageways. 


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