Uncharted Waters Online Sails To City of Panama

By Michael Jamias
uncharted waters online city panama

Uncharted Waters Online, the hit seafaring MMORPG set in the historical Age of Exploration, adds the City of Panama to its list of explorable territories.

“Following the Great Plains expansion, the update extends exploration beyond the North American territories and heads south to uncover the hidden secrets of the elusive City of Panama,” said Tecmo Koei Games, developer of Uncharted Waters Online, in a release.

The City of Panama update is the last salvo to the Tierra Americana expansion of the free online rpg. The update will also introduce new content, including more skills, more quests and a fresh Battle Campaign Liner feature.

Six new skills will allow captains to sink their teeth into investigation, accounts and trade, and good ol’ plundering in the high seas. Additional quest lines have been opened up for Merchants and Soldiers. Along the way to completing these quests, players can also collect items from fishing, cooking and other trade skills which can then be exchanged for rewards. Meanwhile, the Battle Campaign Liner feature speeds up the battle queues in the online rpg to within minutes.

Quality-of-play improvements will also be rolled out. “Adjustments to character stat requirements have been implemented to make acquiring skills more attainable. Players can now become more efficient in Sniping, Trapping, Throwing and more in less time,” the developer release added.


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