Uncharted Waters Online wades into 2nd Age

By Michael Jamias
uncharted waters online 2nd age expansion

It's out with the old and in with the new for Uncharted Waters Online as they grapple with the dawning of the 2nd Age expansion.

OGPlanet has plenty in store all ye captains. From time manipulation by using the World Clock to helming the most iconic ships in history, the 2nd Age expansion broadens the content and customization available to players.

Here's the tasty 2nd Age cinematic trailer that's sure to get you riled up for this challenging new age:

Among the new features, we're most excited about the World Clock mechanic that puts a time-bending twist to the seafaring-themed free mmorpg. Players actions can fast forward or turn back time, triggering historical events that will shake up all the Nations.

Aspiring pirates can also fulfill their fantasy of chasing hidden haords all over the world with the new Treasure Hunt feature. Your goal is to find relics scattered throughout the expansive rpg realm and decipher the clues in those relics that lead to legendary loot.

If you can't keep up with the treasure hunting, maybe you'd prefer to play the role of kingmaker.

The new expansion will allow players to participate and support their candidates to the first-ever Emperor's election. Emperors serve for more than two months after which they will be replaced via another election.

Existing content has also been buffed with a shiny new boss, famous new ships and rewarding new missions that should keep you and your crew busy for weeks to come.


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