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uncharted waters online ancient glory expansion
No longer lost in history books, the Hanging Garden, Tower of Babel and other relics become rediscovered in the latest expansion announced for Uncharted Waters Online. The Uncharted Waters Online Ancient Glory expansion will bring to life the marvels of the ancient Neo-Babylonian Empire and other new features. The Hanging Garden, Tower of Babel, and Mesopotamia River Basin Region all make their majestic arrival in the free mmorpg.Players ca...
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Feb 24 2016
uncharted waters online gran atlas launch date
The seas may have been quiet for the past year in Uncharted Waters Online but a huge content tsunami is coming this month with the release of the Gran Atlas expansion on February 12.The Uncharted Waters Online Gran Atlas expansion expands the ship choices to 200, the port towns to more than 180 and the discoveries that can be made throughout the mmo world to more than 2000. Three major storyline quests, improvements and balance tweaks will a...
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Feb 02 2015
uncharted waters online 2nd age expansion
It's out with the old and in with the new for Uncharted Waters Online as they grapple with the dawning of the 2nd Age expansion. OGPlanet has plenty in store all ye captains. From time manipulation by using the World Clock to helming the most iconic ships in history, the 2nd Age expansion broadens the content and customization available to players. Here's the tasty 2nd Age cinematic trailer that's sure to get you riled up for this challenging n...
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Jan 24 2014
uncharted waters online ogplanet relaunch
Uncharted Waters Online is now live on its new home at uwo.ogplanet.com. To get us in the mood for its OGPlanet re-launch, let's watch this previously released Uncharted Waters Online cinematic trailer.Last month OGPlanet confirmed it was taking over as the new publisher for the long-running naval free to play mmo. Many younger gamers probably don't know about this free rpg even though it's been around for eight years already, so OGPlanet is...
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Nov 28 2013
uncharted waters online korea update
Korea becomes the latest Uncharted Waters Online territory to unlock in the newly released update. The historical MMORPG opens up The Land of the Morning Calm, including new towns to visit and fresh quests to pursue. There will be three new Korean towns, including Hanyang (known today as Seoul), Busan and Pohang. Exceptional new ships can be made in these Korean towns, including the Stacked Turtle Ship and Caoyun Ship. Those looking to probe th...
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May 29 2013
uncharted waters online steam free
Uncharted Waters Online launches on the popular Steam distribution platform and offers three powerful item packages. Normally a free to play mmo, Uncharted Waters Online is allowing players the chance to purchase either the Steam Booster Pack, Steam Premium Pack or Sea Adventure Pack to get ahead. These item packages provide millions of ducats, the main in-game currency for the tactical online rpg, as well as various power boosts. See the conte...
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Mar 25 2013
uncharted waters online city panama
Uncharted Waters Online, the hit seafaring MMORPG set in the historical Age of Exploration, adds the City of Panama to its list of explorable territories. “Following the Great Plains expansion, the update extends exploration beyond the North American territories and heads south to uncover the hidden secrets of the elusive City of Panama,” said Tecmo Koei Games, developer of Uncharted Waters Online, in a release. The City of Panama update is the...
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Aug 27 2012