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  • Uncharted Waters Online: creation

    Uncharted Waters Online: creation
    Choose 1 of 8 basic character builds and other options when creating your captain....
    Uncharted Waters Online: creation

    Uncharted Waters Online: uniform

    Uncharted Waters Online: uniform
    Everyone has to start at the academy. Make sure to wear your uiform in fron of the instructors......
    Uncharted Waters Online: uniform

    Uncharted Waters Online: merchants

    Uncharted Waters Online: merchants
    You can find many of the merchants that have the supplies your ship needs to set sail near the port....
    Uncharted Waters Online: merchants

    Uncharted Waters Online: water

    Uncharted Waters Online: water
    Uncharted Waters Online uses click to move. Make sure to drop anchor if you want to stop in the ocean....
    Uncharted Waters Online: water

Uncharted Waters Online Gameplay

Uncharted Waters Online Gameplay

Uncharted Waters Online is a free MMORPG that gives players the opportunity of taking to the high seas, destroying enemy ships and searching for rare treasures. Uncharted Waters Online is set during the romantic era of the Age of Exploration, a time during the 15th century when history was made. Players are given the chance to rewrite history with their actions, aligning with any of the 6 warring factions, England, Dutch Republic, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. There are 3 classes available, Adventurer, Merchant and Solider, all offering a unique way to play that game via diplomacy, exploration or military expeditions.

Uncharted Waters Online offers an in-depth ship system that allows players to both buy and build their very own ship. Ships come in a huge variety, with the majority being based on iconic, 15th century warships. Players can upgrade, enhance and modify their ship from over 1000 unique items and improvements. Players can edit every aspect of their ship, from the designs on the sails, to the guns and masts, creating for a highly diverse community of warships.

Uncharted Waters Online boasts some of the most exciting features ever seen in high-seas RPG games. The game provides hundreds of neutral cities that players can conquer in order to aid their nation. Town battles are not simple, small-scale fights, they are huge 100vs100 naval battles that fuel the intense PvP of the game. If you conquer a town you're given a large number of rewards such as reduced cost at the towns stores, or access to special NPC's that offer unique missions and quests. You can also choose to invest gold into your town, expanding the influence of your nation aiding in the economical and political aspects of the game.

If those features aren't enough to get you excited, Uncharted Waters Online also offers player housing and a customizable farm. Player housing works in a similar way to other MMORPG games, offering players a place to relax and customize using a variety of items and features. The farm works in a similar way but rewards dedicated players with an extra avenue of income, as well as giving them access to unique items and consumables.

Uncharted Waters Online makes a unique boast among the MMORPG community, as it advertises that the game has at least 3 years worth of unique playtime, even for hardcore players that can dedicate dozens of hours every week, making Uncharted Waters Online one of the most extensive MMORPG experiences on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen


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