Ultima Online is looking for volunteers for the Counselor Program

By Tam Mageean
ultima online counselor

One of the longest running mmorpg games, Ultima Online has reinstated its long-forgotten Counselor Program and is looking for volunteers.

The Ultima Online Volunteer Program controversially shut down, way back in September 2000, due to a lawsuit stating that developers, Origin and Electronic Arts were violating minimum wage and overtime laws, by employing volunteering players as counselors. Although the role was always a voluntary position, and was welcomed and encouraged by the Ultima Online community, it was found in breach of the Fair Labor Standards Acts, and the mmo was forced to remove the feature.

14 years later, and the Counselor Program is gearing up for a second attempt.

"We are making a few alterations to make the program work with all the changes that have been made currently so it will not be active for a bit" Bonnie Armstrong told the community in a recent blog post.

The Counselor Program is designed to grant players the ability to act as mmo mentors, teaching, assisting and offering advice to new and unfamiliar players on behalf of the developers, much like a GM.

If you're over 18 and think you've got what it takes, be sure to contact Broadsword to pose your interest. Successful applicants will be granted an official work account to use on their respective shard to help keep newcomers informed.


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