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A hard look at mmo nostalgia
It's a common human trait to look back at one's past with a considerable amount of fondness. While we normally associate cranky old people who yell about the "good old days" with nostalgia, the reality is that everyone tends to look back with rose-colored glasses. This is also true when discussing older mmorpg games and how they compare to the current crop of online games. It's a common refrain from long-time players that the games of today are l...
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Jun 21 2016
Can modern mmos ever truly be sandbox?
When online games first burst upon the scene roughly twenty years ago, they were filled with almost infinite promise. Using computers and dial-up connections that would give modern players nightmares, thousands of gamers flocked to the virtual worlds of the early mmo games to carve out a story of glory and adventure for themselves. It seemed that the early days of online gaming were akin to the Wild West as everybody was probing this new form of ...
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Feb 23 2016


Ultima Online class action lawsuit
Quite a few players wax nostalgically about their time killing other players in Ultima Online. In fact, a friend of mine was a notorious PKer in that online rpg. The developers of UO decided to put few restrictions on players killing other players in that they feel that you can't be a hero without evil in the world. Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing, but many players have felt the sting of having their corpses looted after a busy day of adve...
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Mar 27 2015
ultima online steam
One of the longest running mmo games still on the scene, Ultima Online is tipping the scales at a whopping 17 years in operation, and has seen many different revisions during its reign over Britannia. Earlier this year, the mmorpg relocated its studios and fell under the umbrella of Broadsword, who are also responsible for the long-standing, realm vs realm rpg, Dark Age of Camelot. One of their first orders of Broadsword business was to target t...
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Apr 30 2014
ultima online counselor
One of the longest running mmorpg games, Ultima Online has reinstated its long-forgotten Counselor Program and is looking for volunteers. The Ultima Online Volunteer Program controversially shut down, way back in September 2000, due to a lawsuit stating that developers, Origin and Electronic Arts were violating minimum wage and overtime laws, by employing volunteering players as counselors. Although the role was always a voluntary position, and ...
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Feb 25 2014