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    Ultima Online: classes?
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    Ultima Online: camera

    Ultima Online: camera
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    Ultima Online: book

    Ultima Online: book
    Casting spells from your spell book lets you continue to cast without using up your spell. A scroll requires no reagants and lower...
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    Ultima Online: spells

    Ultima Online: spells
    Spells cost reagents and mana. As you cast spells you will use up these supplies and gain magery skill. If you cast high level spe...
    Ultima Online: spells

Ultima Online Gameplay

Ultima Online Gameplay

Ultima Online (UO) is one of the first mmorpg games, developed and published by Electronic Arts. Since its release in 1997, Ultima Online had 8 expansions. Ultima Online has 2 game clients. The classic client has the vanilla version of the game. Due to nostalgia reasons some players prefer it. The enhanced client has several changes and new features. You can install them both on your machine. Servers are also different in Ultima Online. There is a server list on the official website that explains those differences.

When creating an Ultima Online character you can choose gender, visual customization and race. There are 3 races in Ultima Online: Gargoyle, Human and Elf. Every race has different characteristics. The next choice is the trade of your race. Characters in Ultima Online can be: Warriors, Paladins, Samurai, Ninja, Blacksmith, Necromancer or Mage. You also can pick three initial skills. To level a skill you have to use it. Each Ultima Online character has a health, mana and stamina bar. Players can talk with each other through group chat, guild chat or general channel. By typing certain commands you can access your storage facility. You can retrieve or deposit items and gold. There are stables in Ultima Online rpg where you can keep your pets.

Ultima Online mmo has a macro system for general commands, spells and other actions. Each character has its name in a certain color. The default color is blue. That means that a character is neutral. Killing other characters will change your color to red or gray. Being red or gray may have certain disadvantages like not being able to go into towns. On the other hand, if one is a PvP fan red is the way to go. Items in Ultima Online can be divided into 4 primary categories: gear, consumables, resourced and decorations. Each character prefers a certain type of gear. There is a moongate (portal) system in Ultima Online that connects main areas. A very important aspect in an mmo is the guild system. Players can create guilds or join existing ones. A guild in Ultima Online is a larger group of people with similar goals. For instance, players that like to run dungeons can join a PvE oriented guild. Players that like to PvP can join guilds that organize PvP events.

Ultima Online world has lots of dungeons. Mobs in dungeons are harder to defeat, that’s why a group is needed. There are also other activities. Characters can own houses and decorate them. Although Ultima Online is an old mmorpg, it has a solid gameplay with lots of features. The enhanced Ultima Online client has some graphic updates to make it more appealing.

By Rachel Rosen


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