Trickster Online closes down for good

By Michael Jamias
trickster closes down servers

The anime-style mmorpg bids farewell to fans and shuts off its servers at 5:30PM (PST) on February 27.

The farewell came as no surprise to fans. Trickster Online had announced its closure months in advance, and had stopped all My Shop and Gacha paid transactions two weeks before on February 6.

The Trickster team scheduled its last major event in end-January, and made an effort to transition the soon-to-be homeless Trickster fans to other games published by SG Interactive like Pangya and Grand Chase. Players who opted to try out either game did were given incentive prizes and rewards, including booster items, special titles and cosmetic doodads.

In its final announcement, the Trickster team thanked all players for giving the charming online rpg a go. Still, some of its most avid supporters continue to hope that SG Interactive reconsiders the plug on Trickster. Petitions in and Facebook have garnered hundreds of signatures, but seem unlikely to prevent the imminent shutdown.

As a last bit of housekeeping, the Trickster team also reminded players that all refunded points will be distributed between 6:00PM and 7:00PM (PST) on the same day, and can be used on other SG Interactive games until May 31, 2013 (PST) after which all the refunded points will expire.


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