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Toygeddon is a free multiplayer game developed and published by Unreal Vision. The game is labeled as a ROBA, an acronym for racing online battle arena. Gameplay features a mix between MOBA and racing. MOBAs are very popular games with MMO communities and esports tournaments with generous prize pools. Toygeddon takes place in an abandoned mall that's soon to be demolished. What players are about to find out is that Grand Central Mall is home to a bunch of toys that are committed finding another place to live. They need resources to support the quest for a new location so they start a war with other groups of toys that want to compromise their plan. Toygeddon comes with three game modes, character customization, online matches and local multiplayer.

All three game modes are themed around the struggle to acquire resources, to escape the old mall, to find a new place and transform it into a home. The Fugitives are the group that wants to find a new place. Toygeddon is not a RPG so there won't be any story driven campaign but players can find out more about Fugitives adventures by playing the three multiplayer modes. In each mode, The Fugitives will fight against another group of enemy toys. The Apathetics are those who accepted their fate and want to stop the Fugitives from leaving the mall. Capture the battery is a resource collecting Toygeddon mode. The Fugitives need vehicles to carry them out of Grand Central Mall. Vehicles are battery powered. In this mode, the Fugitives have to collect batteries while the other group's objective is to stop them. In Exodus mode, the Fugitives managed to leave the mall with a nice supply of batteries but they must face another challenge this time. Promised Land Mall, a new center that is still under construction, seems to be the perfect spot for a second home. Unfortunately the new mall is all they way across the park that is occupied by a group of hostile toys. The Marauders are abandoned toys that live like outlaws. Exodus mode requires The Fugitives to safely reach the new location while defending their precious batteries. King of the Mall is the third Toygeddon mode. This time, the Fugitives will fight the occupants of the new mall, Promised Land Army. The mode requires players to take over and defend various map objectives.

There are nine unique maps that can accommodate teams of various sizes. Up to 10 players can take part is a match. Toygeddon character selection offers 20 options. Each toy has different skills and can be further customized with power-ups and accessories. There are also three types of cars. Toygeddon players can drive a tank, a glass cannon or a racer vehicle. In total, there are six unique vehicles. Toygeddon supports local multiplayer for four competitors.

By Rachel Rosen

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