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Tower Kingdom is a free online RPG tower defense game developed and published by Imblank, a South African indie studio. It's a game that mixes tower defense systems with role playing character progression. Players are rewarded with XP and skill points for their efforts. These are used to customize characters. The objective of a tower defense game is to place towers that will stop enemies from advancing. Opponents follow a path that leads to the defender's headquarters. Tower Kingdom defenders have to stop enemies using towers. Single and multiplayer maps are available. Different types of maps and towers open up various strategic possibilities. Tower Kingdom players unlock better equipment as they level up their characters.

The character creation tool offers multiple customization options. Players will be able to select character gender, race, name and portrait. Four region choices decide character's race. Grasslands, volcanic, ice and desert are the four zones. More info on each race is displayed in the character creation screen so players can make an informed choice. Tower Kingdom offers more than 50 unique portraits for cosmetic customization. Players adventure in the realm known as the Kingdom starts as soon as they're done creating a character. Like most MMO games, Tower Kingdom has a character cap per user. Each player is allowed to have three game characters. PvE content pits players against enemies called creeps. Players mission is to win tower defense games against creeps. The rewards list contains gold, XP and equipment. Skill points are consumed to unlock various tower related perks. This customization system allows players to enjoy different play styles and combat tactics. Characters become more powerful by equipping gear. Tower Kingdom gear is classified in five color coded categories based on its quality. Equipment is normally acquired as loot when defeating bosses. The auction house facilitates trading between players. Gear can be enhanced with items obtained from enemies.

Three types of towers are used to dispose of enemy in various ways. Tower Kingdom has a system called power grid that allows towers to function by consuming energy. Players are in charge of the power grid that can be upgraded to offer more energy. Upgraded towers consume more power. Attack towers harm and kill the creeps. Support towers provide crowd control by slowing the creeps and give power grid boosts. Dome towers increase the efficiency of nearby towers. Because of the power grid mechanics, Tower Kingdom players will have to strategically plan tower placement and upgrades. Multiplayer maps allow four players to join a co-op mission. Survival mode is available as well. Pets, a feature present in many MMORPG games, is part of the game. Pets don't take part in the fight, they run around the map and collect loot. Different maps with unique layouts are available. Tower Kingdom can be played as a free game.

By Rachel Rosen

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